Aged care system in crisis

By 26/09/2018 News

Australia’s Aged Care System in The Media

You may have seen reports in the media over recent days and weeks focused on instances of where care and support provided within the aged care system in Australia have fallen short of expectations.

While no system is perfect and there are times when things do not go as planned, the overwhelming majority of aged care providers in Australia are delivering excellent services, underpinned by dedicated and professional staff.

This is supported by statistics showing that in 2016/17 there were 4,713 complaints received across 1.3million people supported by the aged care system, representing about 0.4%. Of these, early resolution was achieved for 4228 or 92% of the finalised complaints. For the same period, there were 3,656 complaints for 200,000 people in residential care beds – a rate of 1.8%.

Despite the relatively low numbers, it is important to acknowledge issues when they arise, and it is equally important to recognise that these incidents are unfortunate and unacceptable, and are not indicative of our industry overall.

I encourage you to contact me if at any time if you have any concerns or if you need more information about the aged care industry in general.